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Leading Myeloma Organizations


Several key organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of myeloma patients and conducting research as they search for a cure.  Click below to learn about the extensive resources they each provide.

Foundation (IMF)
Multiple Myeloma
Foundation (MMRF)

The IMF is the oldest and largest myeloma organization, reaching more than 195,000 members in 113 countries.  In addition to funding vital research, they provide a wide-range of patient resources.  Be sure to check out the ‘About Myeloma’ tab on their website for a list of resources.  Their patient InfoLine is staffed by knowledgeable professionals.


Patient Infoline: 800-452-2873 (CURE)


Sign up for the Myeloma Minute which features weekly updates on the latest myeloma news and conferences


The MMRF focuses primarily on innovative ways to accelerate the development of next-generation treatments and also offers brochures and other patient resources.


Patient Support Center: 866-603-6628


Sign up for the MMRF's Fast Facts for highlights in research advances and progress by the MMRF.


Leukemia &
Society (LLS)

The LLS provides a host of educational and financial resources.  Information specialists are available Monday—Friday from 9 am—9 pm ET.  They also host separate online chats for patients and caregivers.  Both are on Tuesdays from 8—10 pm ET.   Register at


Phone: 800-955-4572

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