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Cancer & Your Finances Overview document produced by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Financial Resources Available

There are several agencies and pharmaceutical companies available to help with the high costs associated with multiple myeloma.  Check out the list below and contact them to learn more about their specific offerings  and guidelines for qualifying.  You can also check with the Patient Advocate at your oncologist’s office or the Memorial Center for Cancer Support (423-495-7778).

* - now open to patients who receive drug coverage through Medicare and meet eligibility requirements


Cancer Care: CancerCare® can help provide financial and co-payment assistance.


Phone: 800-813-4673 (HOPE)


**NEW** Financial Resource Guide - click here to view.


Healthwell Foundation*

Website:  Phone: 800-675-8416

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society*: offers patient financial aid and co-pay assistance.

Website:  Phone: 800-955-4572 or 877-557-2672


Patient Advocate Foundation*: provides financial assistance for medications and doctor treatments.

Website:    Phone: 800-532-5274


Good Days from CDF (formerly Chronic Disease Fund):  offers patient assistance through help with co-pays and travel expenses.

Website:  Phone: 877-968-7233

PSI, Patient Services Incorporated

Website:       Phone: 800-366-7741


Ryan Lee Holland Cancer Foundation, Inc. - GEORGIA residents only

Website:   Phone: 678-242-0471



Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs:

(may only be available to patients with private insurance)


Celgene Patient Support: (Revlimid, Pomalyst)


Phone: 800-931-8691


Millennium: (Velcade/Ninlaro)


Phone: 866-835-2233


Onyx 360: (Kyprolis)


Phone: 855-669-9360

























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